Driving Inventor with the top down, Live at AU 2012


Did you miss out on AU 2012 this year? If so – shame on you ;)

Not to worry. It’s not too late to have the best of the content come to you. Including the LIVE recording of my first ever class at Autodesk University:

How to Drive Autodesk® Inventor® with the Top Down: “Alternative” Assembly Modeling Master Class

You can watch the video, and download PDF’s of the handout and power point from Autodesk University class catalogue here. Thanks very much to all 150 people who attended. I hope that I will see you again at AU in future.

This class is aimed at anyone who’s been tempted to make the move to 3D, but who is struggling to get started. The class demonstrates the three main strategies for creating parametric assemblies, and guides you through the basic techniques you will need to create reliable, predictable parametric assemblies.

Autodesk Inventor from the top down

Top down, bottom up, skeletal modelling  multi-body master part—if you are having difficulty turning your part models into assembly models do not despair! There are many alternative assembly techniques that can help you to produce great results.

This class is for drafters who have made their way through a basic Autodesk Inventor software training course, but who are having difficulty using Inventor in production, particularly on bespoke, one-off projects. This class focuses on “alternative” assembly modelling techniques in Inventor that can help you build unique, fully parametric models quickly and simply without the nightmare of assembly constraints and circular adaptive references.

This class will benefit drafters from all engineering and manufacturing industries. Attendees should have working knowledge of Autodesk Inventor. If you produce bespoke, unique, one-off digital prototypes—this class is for you.

You can also check out the virtual class for more details of the techniques involved, and an iLogic surprise Easter egg :D


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