Happy Halloween 2011.


How was your Halloween? Did you enter Zach Kron’s 3rd annual Parametric Pumpkin carving completion?

If you haven’t seen this years entries – check them out here. There’s some pretty crazy stuff!

Last year I tried to make my model as close to real life as possible.

The CAD Setter Out's Parametric Pumpkin

This year I decided to ignore the rules of the competition and abstract the idea of a Parametric pumpkin into a piece of furniture.

Incidentally, these screen shots aren’t renders – these are straight out of Inventor 2012. The graphics look pretty cool huh!

Pumpkin 2011 - Smooth Shaded

The table is completely parametric, I even used Inventor 2012’s new iLogic forms to create a little dialogue to drive the changes.

So did you enter Zach’s competition this year? Why not enter next year – It’s great fun :)

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