Review: 50 Digital Wood Joints


Flexible Stream | 50 DIGITAL WOOD JOINTS

I had to check out these 3D Joints. The Download link supplies you with 50 Joints in a choice of formats including STEP, DGN, DXF, and IGES. I opened up the first file in Inventor and  was quickly able to assemble this self locking joint.

Autodesk Inventor - Self locking Wooden joint 3D Model It’s worth noting that the designers have tried to come up with joints that could only be cut on a CNC machine.

In this case, the detail leaves a lot of short grain on the timber and relies on the inherent springiness of timber to lock the joint. so to use this joint, you might have to do a lot of testing on various species of Timber to find a material with the right properties.

Digital wood working Joints - Clip Shelf

I guess that the idea is to show us what is possible – not just what is practical!

The download also contains a comprehensive set of tutorials and notes in PDF format. Here is a example picture from the documentation showing how that joint might be used.

On the whole this is a great resource for Designers and Woodworkers who are looking for some inspiration (and have access to a CNC machine!).



‘Flexible Stream is a source for free Design. Professional designers are offering samples of their skills for your convenience. It is totally free!’

Flexible Stream | 50 DIGITAL WOOD JOINTS

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