AUGIworld August 2012 - The truth about sharing Inventor Data

AUGIworld August 2012 The truth about sharing Inventor Data

Once again I had the honour of being asked to submit an article for AUGIworld by the Manufacturing content editor John Evans (Thanks John). With the theme of this issue being about teamwork and collaboration, I thought that it would be a good idea to talk some more about DWF.

If you've taken the time to digitally prototype your design with Autodesk Inventor, then you have a wealth of information available to your supply chain that may not be accessible from the paper drawings. DWF can be a great way to metaphorically roll up your entire data set (Drawings, 3D digital model and BOM) to share with your client, colleagues or subcontractors.

In the article, you will find clear instructions on how to create the equivalent of a 2D 'Paper' drawing set. You will find out how to export the 3D model along with the drawings, and include the BOM as well.

Finally, I show you how to upload the entire thing to Autodesk 360 to share with anyone in the world (well - anyone who has access to the internet)!

AUGIworld iLogic - 'Playing by the Rules' by Paul Munford

iLogic, Playing by the Rules | AUGIworld

Have you been experimenting with Autodesk Inventor's iLogic? Have you been thinking about how to share your nifty iLogic rules with your colleagues? Find out how and when to use Internal and External iLogic rules, and local and Global Forms in the October 2011 issue of AUGIworld magazine.

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