AutoCAD workspace switching

AutoCAD: The Ribbon & The ‘Classic’ Workspace

Find out how to switch from Autocad's 'Classic' Interface, to the new Ribbon Interface in Autocad 2009, Autocad 2010 and Autocad 2011.

AutoCAD start up icons

How to start up in AutoCAD ‘Vanilla’ profile with Vertical products.

If you use Autodesk Inventor, you probably got a seat of Autocad along with it. In fact – you probably got Autocad mechanical as well, But do you make use of it?

Autocad Mechanical is a ‘vertical’ product of Autocad. This means that the team at Autocad have written lots of useful extra tools aimed specifically at the Engineering drafter.

Autocad Mechanical has more or less been superseded by Autodesk Inventor. Autocad Mechanical is included with Autodesk Inventor largely to aid companies who are progressing from program to the other.

So if you are not making use of the Extras in Autocad Mechanical, how do you turn them off?

How to Lock AutoCAD's UI

How to Lock down the AutoCAD User Interface

Did you ever go to grab some AutoCAD geometry and accidently 'Nudge' a control instead?

I was trying so show my colleague Steve some cool stuff today, when I accidentally moved one of his toolbars. Thankfully, Steve had saved his workspace, so no harm done.

However it did prompt Steve to ask the question:

‘How do I lock the position of my toolbars?’

I thought that this would make a good subject for a quick tip, and I cooked up this video to go with it – enjoy!

DWG Props inside AutoCAD

Find out how to add Meta information to your AutoCAD DWG Files with ‘Propulate’

Read this tutorial by Jimmy Bergmark to find out how to use the 'Propulate' Autocad Express tool to add and remove custom information from your DWG Files.

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