AutoCAD How to strip styles from Mtext

How to remove unwanted formatting from AutoCAD Text with StripMtext Lisp.

Are you are having trouble editing Mtext in an AutoCAD drawing? is additional formatting causing the problem? StripMtext could be the Answer!

Double click to Shrinkwrap AutoCAD text

How to ‘Shrink Wrap’ AutoCAD Masked Text.

Find out how to 'Fine tune' the size of the masked border automatically applied by Autocad's 'TEXT MASK' tool.

AutoCAD's find and replace command On the Ribbon

How to use AutoCAD’s ‘FIND’ and ‘REPLACE’ command to correct text strings.

So – The situation is like this. You spent all day copying and pasting notes all over your drawing stating...

Using the up and down arrows to chose AutoCAD grip editing options

What every Drafter needs to know about AutoCAD Grip Editing

Four tips to help you edit AutoCAD geometry quickly and easily, using 'Grip Editing'.

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