Expanding the DWG Dojo Kung Fu Drafter

The Kung Fu Drafter | Expanding the AutoCAD WS Dojo

Did you know that you can now Sync files between AutoCAD WS and your Desktop? Find out how in this post...

Kung Fu Drafter Autocad WS

The Kung Fu Drafter | ‘How To Turn Google Chrome into a Funktastic Autodesk DWG Dojo – for FREE’

How to use the AutoCAD WS App for Google Chrome to draw, review and Autodesk DWG's in your Browser.

Test Driving AutoCAD WS in the Field - The Autodesk Butterfly Blog

Test Driving AutoCAD WS in the Field | Autodesk Butterfly Blog

Will Architects and Designers soon be using AutoCAD WS on their iPads to examine drawings in the Field? Check out these photo's of the test drive!

Shaan Hurley and the CAD Setter Out

‘Is that AutoCAD? Running on a Mac?!’*

Shaan Hurley was in London this week, and he put out an open invitation to anyone who wanted to see Autocad running on the Mac.

Find out what I thought of AutoCAD - for the Mac