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CAD Cube re-brands as ‘Specified by’

Darren Lester, founder of  'the CAD cube', has now re-branded his site as 'Specified by'.

The main difference for us is that we no longer see ourselves as a CAD library, but a specification library. This means rather than hosting a library of manufacturers CAD mos, we will host a range of manufacturers digital files, including CAD mos, but also BIM components, technical/specification documents, case studies and .

Free 3D model downloads from the CAD cube

Free 3D model downloads from the CAD cube

Content is King, so why waste time building up your library when you can download it for free?

TheCADcube is the latest of many web sites dedicated to providing you with 3D mos to help you build up your library. CAD Cube is aimed at the Architectural industry, but interestingly there is no mention of BIM in sight...

'BIM may well be the future for the construction industry, and the demand for BIM is steadily growing, but CAD users are going to be in the majority for the foreseeable future.'

In this post I'm talking to Darren Lester, 26 year old Architectural technologist, resident Entrepreneur at Edinburgh University and founder of the CAD Cube.

Flatter files iPhone and iPad support

Do you wish you had Flatter files?

This post isn't about z-heights in AutoCAD, it's about document management silly :) No one who has created than one or two drawings and wants to them with their team wants to manage them using Microsoft windows. No one. Yet many of us have to. The problem is one of trust. Without some S__t hot document management standards (and a big stick) nobody trusts the 'system', so nobody uses it. How often have you been asked for 'the very latest set of drawings' even though you know that the set of drawings on the server are up to date?! There have been plenty of software solutions created to solve this problem, in this post I'm talking to Chris Vaught about his new web based document management systems - Flatter files.

CAD Blocks free

Are you looking for Free CAD Blocks?

The British team behind 'CAD-Man-do' Architectural drafting and visualization services, have set up a new service to iver AutoCAD DWG Blocks to you for FREE.

I was curious as to how CAD Blocks Free came about, so I set up and interview with 'CAD Blocks Free' founder, Richard Wearn.