100 Circles. Secrets of AutoCAD QSELECT

In this guest post from Ibrahim Khwaja we will learn the how to use one of AutoCAD’s most powerful, but often overlooked commands – QSELECT.

When working on large scaled projects, one is often faced with the challenge of effectively manipulating certain elements within the drawing.

As the number of changes required increases, so does the redundancy in your workflow.

As shown below, the multiple selection is a good way if your objects are all close by.

AutoCAD 100 Circles

Figure 1 – Objects that are close together can be selected with a crossing window.

AutoCAD 100 Circles

Figure 2 – Or they can be selected with the Lasso tool…

AutoCAD 100 Circles

Figure 3 – But what about now?!

AutoCAD 100 Circles fence selection

Figure 4 – Lasso tool anyone!

QSELECT is a command that provides quick access to the needles in the haystack. Just type QSELECT as show below

AutoCAD 100 Circles QSELECT command

Figure 5 The AutoCAD QSELECT command.

And voilà, the QSELECT menu.

AutoCAD 100 Circles QSELECT menu

Figure 6 – The QSELECT menu

For this time, we’ll be focusing on circles for our selection with a whiff of the rest of the options. Select Circle from the object type option select circles only.

AutoCAD 100 Circles QSELECT Circles

Figure 7 – Select ‘CIRCLE’ from the object type.

Within the circle option you get to select your desired criteria and filter out what you want. For this tutorial, I’m going to use the operator “<” to select only the smallest circles. With that enter the value, as shown below.

AutoCAD 100 Circles QSELECT Radius

Figure 8 – Select all Circles with a radius less than 3

AutoCAD 100 Circles QSELECT Radius Dimensions

Figure 9 – All circles with a Radius less than 3″ have been selected

The QSELECT command offers other predefined functions that are more than handy. To capture all polygon elements with a specific area see below.

AutoCAD 100 Circles QSELECT Area

Figure 10 – Selecting Polygons with Areas less than 3

AutoCAD 100 Circles QSELECT Polygons

Figure 11 – All polygons with an Area less than 3 have been selected.

As the menu showed, there are multiple options for the user to select different kinds of elements. Tinker around with it to experience a significant boost in workflow and productivity.

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  • Such a great tool. Not only do i show students how to use this for fundamental selections but its a great way to do counts for blocks.