100 Circles, secrets of AutoCAD QSELECT

100 Circles. Secrets of AutoCAD QSELECT

In this guest post from Ibrahim Khwaja we will learn the how to use one of AutoCAD's most powerful, but often overlooked commands - QSELECT.

From CAD to CAM, Cleaning up 2D DWG files for CNC.

If you work with a CNC programmer, or you are a CNC programmer! Here are a AutoCAD few tips and tools that you can use to clean up the 2D geometry in your DWG files ready to bring into you favourite CAM programming software.

The definition of an Ellipse

When and How to Convert AutoCAD Ellipses into Arcs

Designers Love swoopy ‘Organic’ Shapes. Unfortunately fabricators like defined geometry. Sometimes it falls to Us to convert one to another. This post takes you through AutoCAD's various options for converting Ellipses and Splines into Arcs and lines and when all else fails, you can always re-draw them the Old Skool way!

AutoCAD Wood screw Dynamic Block

The CAD Setter Out’s World Famous Dynamic Wood Screw AutoCAD Block

Dynamic Blocks are a great tool for creating re-usable AutoCAD contents that has a limited range of options.

Check out this Block of a wood screw...

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