The CAD Setter Out’s World Famous Dynamic Wood Screw AutoCAD Block

Dynamic Blocks are a great tool for creating re-usable AutoCAD content that has a range of options.

When I was just a little Setter Out, I was taught how to Insert a whole DWG file of Wood Screw Blocks into my current drawing file. This file was set to Explode on impact, handily copying the all office standard block references into the current drawing.

Of course this meant that you often had a lot of block references to clear up and purge out at the end of the drawing, and frankly it was a PITA if you needed to change the screw size later.

AutoCAD’s Dynamic Blocks

Dynamic blocks have changed all this. A dynamic block can contain a number of pre-set options for you to chose from.

I have designed this AutoCAD Dynamic Block of a wood screw to contain options for Screw size and length.

An AutoCAD Dynamic Block of a wood screw

[Edit] I can’t believe how successful this Block has been! Since I first made it available for download, it has been downloaded over 1000 Times! So I’ve given it it’s own download page.

To download the CAD Setter out’s world famous Dynamic Wood Screw AutoCAD Block – Click Here:

An Animated preview of an AutoCAD dynamic block of a wood screw

4 Responses to “The CAD Setter Out’s World Famous Dynamic Wood Screw AutoCAD Block

  • David Plumpton
    12 years ago

    Hi Paul,
    the block is superb. One thing, do you have a machine screw block?


    • Hi David,

      I don’t have any machine screw blocks – but there is one that comes with AutoCAD that you could use/edit.

      Open your tool palettes and check out the ‘OOTB’ dynamic blocks. There is lots of good stuff there!



  • Pokeman
    13 years ago

    Briljant! Just what I was looking for…