CM5690 Five Mistakes from a Rookie CAD Manager #AU2014


Speaking at Autodesk University is the most fun I’ve ever had with 150 other people in the room ;)

CAD ManagerSo I’m pretty stoked to have been asked to speak again at #AU2014 !

This year is the first year that I am speaking on CAD management, instead of on a purely technical subject. So there will be no opportunity to hide behind my laptop for a technical demo half way through!

Just you… and me… for 60 minutes… (Gulp!)

When I first submitted this class to the AU team, I wasn’t sure weather to present it as a lecture or a round table? I certainly want to get a bit of discussion and debate going on. There is plenty that we rookies can learn from those of you who have already made it!

Please leave a comment to say ‘hi’ and tell us a bit about yourself.

  • Why do you want to be a CAD Manager?
  • What barriers are standing in your way?
  • What would you change if you became CAD manager tomorrow?
  • Are you a CAD manager already?
  • How long for?
  • What has been your greatest success?
  • Your biggest failure?

You can sign up for the class here –

I’m looking forward to it already!


CM5690 - Five Mistakes from a Rookie CAD Manager

Class description

A couple of years ago I packed my family home into a U-Haul and left the bright lights of the United Kingdom’s capital city for a little village on England’s south coast.

Why? I had finally found the position I had been working so hard for: CAD manager!

And you know what? It didn’t work out quite how I expected.

Maybe I’m not yet experienced enough to tell you how to succeed as a CAD manager, but I can certainly help you to avoid the mistakes I made.

Come and join us for a lively session as we discuss how to put aside the CADing and Codeing, and we talk about what to do next.

Additional information

Primary track:CAD Management & IT

Secondary track:Business Management

  • Learning objective 1: Understand the hazards of working outside the CAD comfort zone
  • Learning objective 2: Understand what your commission is and how to communicate it
  • Learning objective 3: Discuss how to cope when you realize you’re still not in charge
  • Learning objective 4: Discuss strategies for improving dialogue and negotiation skills

Occupation/profession:Industrial and Product Designer, Interior Designer, IT Manager/CAD Equipment Manager, Production and Operations Manager, Technical Director

Professional Credit:None
Class format:Lecture
Class length:1 hour

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