Five Pillars of Effective CAD Management

Five pillars of effective CAD Management | Autodesk University 2016

Come and meet Paul Munford at Autodesk University 2016. Paul will be presenting 'Five pillars of Effective CAD Management'.

CAD Dork

A Day in the life of a CAD dork

As a CAD manager for a bespoke furniture manufacturer, I have to balance many tasks. I am required to bill at least 50% of my time to projects. Of the remainder, about 25% is non billable time (Holidays, lunch breaks e.t.c). On paper this gives 35% of my time left for CAD management tasks. In practice the needs of the projects always come first. I'm currently the CAD resource for two project teams. The drawing work comes in clumps, it is always feast or famine.

CM5690 - Five Mistakes from a Rookie CAD Manager

CM5690 Five Mistakes from a Rookie CAD Manager #AU2014

Speaking at Autodesk University is the most fun I've ever had with 150 other people in the room ;) CAD ManagerSo I'm pretty stoked to have been asked to speak again at #AU2014 ! This year is the first year that I am speaking on CAD management, instead of on a purely technical subject. So there will be no opportunity to hide behind my laptop for a technical demo half way through! Just you... and me... for 60 minutes... (Gulp!)

CAD Management: Learning to ask great questions!

To perform my job as a Drafter, I have to have all the answers. To do well as a CAD manager, I'm learning the power of asking questions!

I'll bet we all do it. As professional technical experts we like to have all the answers. When asked a question we like to give a thoughtful, well considered and above all complete response.

It's a difficult habit to recognize in yourself, and a difficult habit to break. After all, it's a habit that has been successful - so far!

It's my belief that great CAD management can only happen when you are trusted. The people you work with have to believe in you, and they have to trust you - so how can asking questions earn trust?