AutoCAD plotting and page setups

The easy way to Import AutoCAD Page Setups

Did you know that there is an easy way to import your page setups into your current drawing? Hint - you can import them from your template file!

How to Lock AutoCAD's UI

How to Lock down the AutoCAD User Interface

Did you ever go to grab some AutoCAD geometry and accidently 'Nudge' a control instead?

I was trying so show my colleague Steve some cool stuff today, when I accidentally moved one of his toolbars. Thankfully, Steve had saved his workspace, so no harm done.

However it did prompt Steve to ask the question:

‘How do I lock the position of my toolbars?’

I thought that this would make a good subject for a quick tip, and I cooked up this video to go with it – enjoy!

The definition of an Ellipse

When and How to Convert AutoCAD Ellipses into Arcs

Designers Love swoopy ‘Organic’ Shapes. Unfortunately fabricators like defined geometry. Sometimes it falls to Us to convert one to another. This post takes you through AutoCAD's various options for converting Ellipses and Splines into Arcs and lines and when all else fails, you can always re-draw them the Old Skool way!

AutoCAD Page Setup manager

An Introduction to AutoCAD Page Setups.

This tutorial shows you how to use Autocad's 'Page Setups' to save your plot configurations. This will save you time - every time you plot.

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