The AutoCAD Plot Layout Dialogue

Autocad: Plotting 101

Most people who have been using Autocad for a while have no problem plotting a drawing, but - like all things Autocad, the developers have never thrown anything away. So when Autocad doesn’t produce the plot you were expecting – what do you do next?

AutoCAD's Line type scaling - Explained!

AutoCAD Line Type Scales, The Secret Truth.

There are four Autocad variables that govern line type scaling. It might seem a little confusing, so hang tight while we run through them…

The AutoCAD 2009 Icon

An AutoCAD Tip, Beware the Big ‘A’.

This is a tip for AutoCAD 2009, or later. Try this – Open AutoCAD and Save and close any important...

AutoCAD's find and replace command On the Ribbon

How to use AutoCAD’s ‘FIND’ and ‘REPLACE’ command to correct text strings.

So – The situation is like this. You spent all day copying and pasting notes all over your drawing stating...

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