An AutoCAD Tip, Beware the Big ‘A’.

The AutoCAD 2009 Icon

This is a tip for AutoCAD 2009, or later. Try this – Open AutoCAD and Save and close any important files you have open. Go to the big Red ‘A’ and hover over it with your mouse… Now double click…

The AutoCAD Big Red 'A'





This space has intentionally been left blank, to heighten the drama…





That’s right, double clicking the Big Red ‘A’ Shuts Autocad down. This is not a bug, It is what is supposed to happen

Aren’t you glad you found out about that Before it happens while editing a really important drawing!

For more AutoCAD troubleshooting tips, check out this post on the Pickfirst variable.

4 Responses to “An AutoCAD Tip, Beware the Big ‘A’.

  • Why! WHHYYYY!
    Why! WHHYYYY!
    Why! WHHYYYY!
    (sorry, 3 lines because was too short…)

  • Poorly, poorly implemented. Yes, double clicking the most upper left icon in any windows application, closes that application – but who does this?

    This was a huge problem in early versions of the application menu (what the bug A opens), because it was so darn slow to respond. Users would click it, and nothing would happen, so they would click it again. Guess what happened next.

    I’m still not sure why they decided to take over a standard windows element and make it do something different (make it the “application menu”).

    • I sympathise – sometimes we can only look up to the AutoCAD Deities, hold our hands up, and cry ‘Why!’ ‘WHHYYYY!’.