AutoCAD Keyboard Shortcuts

AutoCAD Keyboard Shortcuts, easy productivity hack!

Thanks very much to Nick Williams of Acuity training for this¬†excellent AutoCAD Keyboard Shortcuts productivity hack. If you’d like to...

Understanding how to apply the AutoCAD DIM commands

Shining a light on AutoCAD DIMs

There are than 80 variables that control the behavior and appearance of dimensions, and there are another thirty or so dimension related commands besides. Here are two DIM gems: DIMSPACE and DIMROTATED.

Let me make you an AutoCAD Star!

Let me make you an (AutoCAD) Star!

In this post, I will demonstrate how to make a five-pointed star using AutoCAD. In the process of making a star, we will touch on several AutoCAD tools, including the polygon tool, the block tool, the hatch tool, and the trim command.

101 AutoCAD tips eBook

101 AutoCAD tips eBook – coming soon!

Since I first started out in the CAD office, I've kept a text file of useful tips and tricks on my desktop. I call it my 'spell bo', and it's time I d it with you. I've been working on this eBo project for about three years. '101 AutoCAD tips' contains the best tips from this blog, the best tips from my weekly CAD tips newsletter and the best tips from the guest posts I've written for s such as Ellen Finkelstein and Shaan Hurley. It also contains the best tips from my spell bo that I haven't d with you yet! I need the incentive to finish the eBo - so I'm announcing it today and I'm asking you to hold me to task... You'll do that for me won't you?

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