Let me make you an AutoCAD Star!

Let me make you an (AutoCAD) Star!

In this post, I will demonstrate how to make a five-pointed star using AutoCAD. In the process of making a star, we will touch on several AutoCAD tools, including the polygon tool, the block tool, the hatch tool, and the trim command.

An Introduction to AutoCAD 2015

It seems that recently Autodesk have changed how they develop AutoCAD. Acad 2015 gives us a new emphasis on usability, productivity and speed.

However you feel about Autodesk's maintenance subscription strategy, it is finally opening up some changes in Autodesk's 'Ux' (User Experience) development process.

Freed from having to have 'Big Ticket' developments in each new release to try and attract customers, Autodesk are looking back over their body of work to optimise AutoCAD's performance and make it as user friendly as possible.

Autodesk Inventor Questions

What’s left to learn?

I spotted this question on the AUGI forums, and it made me stop and think. How do you find out what you don't know?

Hi guys,

I am a 3 year cad operator, been doing this since i got out of school. During my 3 years in oil and gas, I've been using programs such as autocad, procad and Cadworx. Since the day I've started up until now, I've been learning new tips and tricks with each software.

My question for the community is, what else can I learn/do with the software to better enhance my efficiency with the software?

Well - what do you  think?

Nine AutoCAD tips to increase productivity and make your life easier

Nine AutoCAD tips to increase productivity and make your life easier

Boss on your back? Not enough hours in the day? We could all use an extra edge - right? Check out these Nine AutoCAD tips to help increase your productivity from Guest blogger Nick Williams. What's your Favourite AutoCAD Productivity tip?

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