AutoCAD Block Best Practices - Review

Review, CAD-Notes AutoCAD Block best practices

Back in 2009 when I first started writing the CAD Setter Out, one of the blogs that inspired me to begin was ‘’ by the Mighty Edwin Prakoso. Little did I know that Edwin himself had only started CAD-Notes a few months before!

So it’s about time then that I make sure that you all know one of Edwin’s most successful side projects, his E-book ‘AutoCAD block best practices’.

Find out how to improve your drawing productivity by making your own 'smart library' of AutoCAD blocks. Read the full review here.

The AutoCAD Properties palette - Select all

How to increase your productivity with the AutoCAD properties palette.

My absolute, tip-top, number one productivity tip for editing geometry in AutoCAD is to use the Properties palette.

Eleven Killer Tool palette Macros for working with AutoCAD Viewports

CAD Notes: Eleven killer viewport macros

Today’s post comes in the form of a guest post for Edwin Prakoso of Every-time I find myself performing...

The AutoCAD Layer productivity tools

AutoCAD Layering productivity, never use the Layers pull down again!

If you are creating AutoCAD drawings which contain a lot of geometry, I highly recommend that you concentrate on keeping...

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