CAD Notes: Eleven killer viewport macros


Today’s post comes in the form of a guest post for Edwin Prakoso of

Every-time I find myself performing the same tasks in AutoCAD over and over, I look for ways to automate the task. Command macro’s are a really simple way of combining commands together to perform repetitive tasks in a single click.

In this guest post, I demonstrate 11 macro’s that are really handy for working with viewports, and I show how to add them to a tool palette.

Eleven Killer Tool palette Macros for working with AutoCAD Viewports

Interested in the idea, but no time to mess about? You can download the palette file here:

[Download not found]

[Edit] I’m very excited to say that this post also got picked up by  Kate Morrical of the AutoCAD LT Unlimited Blog. Cheers Kate!

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