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AutoCAD tips from CADalyst’s Hot Tip Harry

The internet is a great source of AutoCAD tips, tricks and tutorials - if you know where to find them! I want to make sure that you know about this great AutoCAD resource curated by one of the CAD industry's most stalwart professionals - Hot Tip Harry.

Learn how to write scripts for AutoCAD and speed up your plotting - CAD Notes

Learn how to write scripts for AutoCAD and speed up your plotting

We all do it - perform the same tasks over and over because we just don't feel we have the time to find a quicker way. Stop. Read this post on AutoCAD scripting on, and learn how to automate your most tedious tasks.

Eleven Killer Tool palette Macros for working with AutoCAD Viewports

CAD Notes: Eleven killer viewport macros

Today’s post comes in the form of a guest post for Edwin Prakoso of Every-time I find myself performing...

How to Lock AutoCAD's UI

Ellen Finkelstein’s AutoCAD Blog – How to lock AutoCAD’s user interface

I'd like to thank Ellen Finkelstein for inviting me to write a guest post for her AutoCAD Blog. This opportunity meant a lot to me. When I started out as a little CAD nipper I to Ellen's bo to work with me every day and spent my lunch hour reading a chapter. It was a great way to learn about AutoCAD, and it wasn't long before I was teaching my Boss a few tricks! I can honestly say that reading Ellen's bo gave me an appetite to learn, and teach, as much about CAD as I possibly could. Writing this guest post for Ellen's Blog feels like a great way to give something back. Thanks very much Ellen!

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