Ellen Finkelstein’s AutoCAD Blog – How to lock AutoCAD’s user interface

I’d like to thank Ellen Finkelstein for inviting me to write a guest post for her AutoCAD Blog.

This opportunity meant a lot to me. When I started out as a little CAD nipper I took Ellen’s book to work with me every day and spent my lunch hour reading a chapter. It was a great way to learn about AutoCAD, and it wasn’t long before I was teaching my Boss a few tricks!

I can honestly say that reading Ellen’s book gave me an appetite to learn, and teach, as much about CAD as I possibly could. Writing this guest post for Ellen’s Blog feels like a great way to give something back.

Thanks very much Ellen!

How to lock AutoCAD’s user interface

Ellen Finkelstein's CAD Blog - How to lock the AutoCAD UI



2 Responses to “Ellen Finkelstein’s AutoCAD Blog – How to lock AutoCAD’s user interface

  • Hello,
    How to calculate the total lenght of diferent types of lines (Line, Polyline, Arc…)

    • Hi Arkadi,

      You could start by opening the properties palette, and then selecting an entity. Information about the entity will be shown in the properties palette, including (for lines and polylines) total length.

      Does that help?


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