Paul Munford Guests on Ellen Finklesteins Blog

How to set AutoCAD up to show a permanent plot preview

Find out how to set AutoCAD up so that you can Work in AutoCAD's Paper space, with your plot settings applied - for a much intuitive view of how your drawing will lo when plotted.

Eleven Killer Tool palette Macros for working with AutoCAD Viewports

CAD Notes: Eleven killer viewport macros

Today’s post comes in the form of a guest post for Edwin Prakoso of Every-time I find myself performing...

Digital Prototyping Forum 2011 - Banner

Autodesk Digital Prototyping Forum 2011

If you can't attend AU this year, and you are missing the AUGI CAD camps, then I hope that you managed to get to Autodesk's Digital prototyping forum in Birmingham (UK).

How to Lock AutoCAD's UI

Ellen Finkelstein’s AutoCAD Blog – How to lock AutoCAD’s user interface

I'd like to thank Ellen Finkelstein for inviting me to write a guest post for her AutoCAD Blog. This opportunity meant a lot to me. When I started out as a little CAD nipper I to Ellen's bo to work with me every day and spent my lunch hour reading a chapter. It was a great way to learn about AutoCAD, and it wasn't long before I was teaching my Boss a few tricks! I can honestly say that reading Ellen's bo gave me an appetite to learn, and teach, as much about CAD as I possibly could. Writing this guest post for Ellen's Blog feels like a great way to give something back. Thanks very much Ellen!

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