The Ultimate Rookies Guide to AU art work Twibbon

The ultimate rookie’s survival guide to Autodesk University

A University? Just for CAD? I know - it sounds crazy, but it is a real thing! (Kinda). Autodesk University is a conference for people who use Autodesk's Computer aided design software. The conference was born out of a collaborative event originally organised by AUGI, and it has now grown into the largest event of it's kind in the world. in 2013 than 9000 people attended It's kind of a big deal ;)

AutoCAD 2015 Blogger Council Day

AutoCAD Blogger day 2015 – in conclusion

The AutoCAD 2015 s day was my kind of event :D

The opportunity to visit San Francisco was amazing, One Market was cool, Pier 9 was awesome and being the first to know about AutoCAD 2015 was a treat - but the highlight of the weekend was meeting all the people who make these things happen.

AutoCAD LT desktop subscription

AutoCAD 2015 Blogger day – Pick and mix Suites?

No one wanted to be critical of Autodesk while enjoying their hospitality, but I could tell that this was a subject that most of the s at the table felt passionately about. In my own personal opinion, that's because we are often the ones who have to explain Autodesk's pricing decisions to our bosses - and justify the cost!

so - Is the new AutoCAD LT 2015 'Desktop Subscription' (Licence Rental) offer from Autodesk value for Money?

AutoCAD 2015 Blogger day – Pier Nine

Pier Nine is the workshop in which Carl Bass's Minions work on the technology to support Carl's quest for world domination. The Autodesk Helicarrier/Flying fortress is being developed here along with all the equipment required by Carl's swat team - the 'Industructables'.

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