The CAD Setter Out - Technical Drawing standards

Your questions answered, Dimensioning in model or paper space?

This weeks great question comes from David, who asks weather he should place his Dimension Annotations in AutoCAD's model space or paper space?

It's not a straightforward answer!

The CAD Setter Out - Technical Drawing standards

CAD Standards, Less is more?

We have a lot of customers for our Drawings. From the Architect and main contractor on  site, to our own manufacturing and fitting teams, everyone has different needs and requirements from our drawings.

I'd like to think that we've done a pretty good job of satisfying all of our customers, but have we done too much? Have we been too accommodating? Would a simpler set of drawings be just as effective? I liken it to a Jenga tower. You build it up - and then you start poking bits to see what wobbles!

The CAD Setter Outs Line Type icon

An Icon to represent the ISO Standard Line types

I tend to Post about whatever I am passionate about, Today I was Inspired to draw this Icon representation of the ISO Line types...

The British Standards Institute HQ in Chiswick London UK

British Standards, The CAD Setter Out is the BSI Insider

I have recently joined the Committee for BS8888 and BS 128, The UK body for technical drawing standards. Read the further adventures of the BSI Insider here...

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