CAD Standards, Less is more?

Just a little over a year ago (at the time of writing)  I became the CAD Manager for Halstock cabinet makers. Over the last year a lot of our focus has been on the quality of our drawings. Now, a year in, we are in a position to ask the question ‘what can we do without?’

CAD standards Jenga Tower

We have a lot of customers for our Drawings. From the Architect and main contractor on  site, to our own manufacturing and fitting teams, everyone has different needs and requirements from our drawings.

I’d like to think that we’ve done a pretty good job of satisfying all of our customers, but have we done too much? Have we been too accommodating? Would a simpler set of drawings be just as effective? I liken it to a Jenga tower. You build it up – and then you start poking bits to see what wobbles!

Less is more?

Have you ever been in a position to question your CAD Standards? Have you ever been asked to simplify your Standard. Maybe you are a frustrated CAD technician battling against a CAD standard which just slows you down?

What’s your take?

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Which part of your CAD standard would you remove?

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3 Responses to “CAD Standards, Less is more?

  • scottmoyse
    11 years ago

    Tough call I don’t think any of the above should be removed. I think that a lot of the above can be set & forgotten in packages like Inventor. But have to be used constantly in AutoCAD.

    • I’m trying to keep the two standards the same. Inventor is certainly easier to manage.

      • scottmoyse
        11 years ago

        yeah I agree with that big time. It just takes so much more effort to use all of the same stuff in AutoCAD. layer management for a start is a pig in AutoCAD, for the same reason its flexibility is a positive