Autodesk Inventor Sheet Metal Flat Pattern success!

Are you finding generating your Flat Pattern from your Autodesk Inventor Sheet Metal model is causing you problems?

Graitec Autodesk Inventor Split and thicken for perpendicular cutsI recently finished writing my first blog post for my employer – Graitec. I noticed that we have a of of support calls around Flat Pattern of sheet metal parts in Autodesk Inventor. It is also a topic that comes up on the forums quite frequently.

If you create your models solely with the tools found in the Autodesk Inventor Sheet Metal environment, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Usually we find the problems come when people are using more sophisticated techniques, such as deriving master models into sheet metal parts, or importing parts from other CAD systems into the Sheet Metal environment.

In the post ‘Autodesk Inventor Sheet Metal, Flat pattern success – Every time!’, I give 7 top tips for making sure that flat patterns will develop, and I’ve rounded up some great tips for sheet metal design in general.

I hope that you find it useful!


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