AU 2012 – here I come…

Some time in the past (I don’t quite remember how) I heard about an event run by AUGI, called  ‘CAD Camp’.

This was a big turning point for me. What an eye opener. I learned more in one afternoon from great tutors such as Matt Murphy and Robert Green than I had in months of trying to teach myself.

But this story doesn’t end there. At CAD Camp we were given a discount voucher for an event called ‘Autodesk University‘. ‘What the hell’ – I thought ‘Why not’ (I was unmarried and had no kids at the time).

I attended AU in 2006, 2007  and 2008 and boy, was it worth every penny. I can’t describe to you how much fun it was to hang out with thousands of other CAD geeks, learning from the best of the best and getting all the inside information on the latest technologies from Autodesk.

The training I received at AU has been fundamental to my work and career. I literally wouldn’t be where I am today without it. So it won’t surprise you to know that I’ve been scheming a way of getting back to AU ever since.

Well this year, I finally made it…

MA2288 – How to Drive Autodesk® Inventor® with the Top Down: “Alternative” Assembly Modelling Master Class

MA2288 – Link to the AU website

 Top down, bottom up, skeletal modelling  multi-body master part—if you are having difficulty turning your part models into assembly models do not despair! There are many alternative assembly techniques that can help you to produce great results.

This class is for drafters who have made their way through a basic Autodesk Inventor software training course, but who are having difficulty using Inventor in production, particularly on bespoke, one-off projects. This class focuses on “alternative” assembly modelling techniques in Inventor that can help you build unique, fully parametric models quickly and simply without the nightmare of assembly constraints and circular adaptive references.

This class will benefit drafters from all engineering and manufacturing industries. Attendees should have working knowledge of Autodesk Inventor. If you produce bespoke, unique, one-off digital prototypes—this class is for you.

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If you are attending AU this year, come along and see me – I’d love to say Hi.


2 Responses to “AU 2012 – here I come…

  • Brian
    12 years ago

    Awesome Paul! And your teaching seems that it will be very practical!