CP10847: Complex Topology Surface Modeling with Inventor (Autodesk University 2015)

cadsetterout speaking at Autodesk University 2015It’s that time of year again! Fireworks night is behind us, the evenings are drawing in – Autodesk University is just around the corner :)

I Love AU time of year, and I’m already getting excited about attending the event in Las Vegas in the first week of December.

If you are also lucky enough to be attending, come and say ‘Hi’ – I have two classes at AU this year, the first is surface modeling with Autodesk Inventor (The second class is on AutoCAD Tool Palettes).

If you are attending, and you have any questions about the class (Or AU in general – read my Rookie’s survival guide here), please leave a comment below.

Thanks very much to my Boss – Steve Houlder and my Company Graitec UK for sponsoring the trip to #AU2015 this year.

If you are of an AEC bent, you may also enjoy this class from my colleague Gareth Spencer.

[Edit: Thanks very much to the 50 people who attended this class (it was first thing on Thursday morning!). I had a ball, I hope that you enjoyed the class as much as I did! I have embeded the class recording below – enjoy!]

(Download the presentation and handout from the link below)

CP10847 – Complex Topology and Class-A Surface Modeling with Inventor

Paul Munford – Application Engineer, Graitec UK

This class is for Inventor software users who (just occasionally!) find themselves ready to create a complex model and don’t know where to start.

We will cover the basics concepts of surface and curvature continuity, then look at some examples of difficult topology and how to avoid it, and then we’ll take a deep dive into the toolset for surface modeling in Inventor software.

Finally we will run through a complete step-by-step example of building a model from surfaces with Inventor software from concept to solid body. This class will benefit students who find themselves modeling challenging topology with Inventor software and who want to go from hack and whack . . . to planned and perfect!

Learning objectives

  • Learn how to use the language of curvature continuity with confidence
  • Discover Inventor software’s hidden surfacing tools
  • Learn how to build complex topology from individual surface patches
  • Learn how to convert surfaces into a solid model


Instructional Demo


1h 30m


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