Cadsetterout class submissions for Autodesk University 2016

Didn’t we just get back from Autodesk University 2015?!

The great machine that is AU keeps on turning and it’s class submission time again before you know it.

This year I have submitted six classes to AU, including two classes that are in collaboration, and a Lab class (For the first time ever!).

If you’d like to submit a class for Autodesk University 2016, you can find out how here:

I have nothing to do now but sit back and cross my fingers while I wait to hear if I get a class accepted :/

In the meantime, take a look at the list below. Do you see a class that you’d like to attend? Is there a class that you’d like to attended that is missing off the list?

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The Five pillars of Effective CAD Management

Five Pillars of Effective CAD Management

In My time as a CAD Manager I established five key areas that I needed to keep my eye on to make sure that the CAD department operated effectively.

This presentation will be loosely based on the article below, which I posted on Linkedin.

I will be expanding on the Five pillars, and including tools to help prioritise which areas to deal with first and plan for improving the others in a phased approach.


Have you heard about BIM? How to re-purpose your Autodesk Inventor digital prototypes for inclusion in BIM.

My background is in manufacturing things which need to fit inside buildings. This has lead me into doing a lot of work recently with companies who supply or manufacture building components.

Manufacturers content is seen as the ‘missing link’ in the BIM process. It would certainly make it easier and quicker for Architects, Engineers and Contractors to build BIM’s if they could work with suppliers content.

The bonus for the manufacturer or supplier is that your content is automatically specified by being included in the BIM, which should at least get you an opportunity to tender.

Often, we have an Inventor Model to start with as an Asset, which we then need to convert into a Revit family. But BIM is much more than just CAD, so we also have to look at processes and procedures to make sure that we are BIM compliant.

This presentation is a culmination of what I’ve learned so far, what worked and what didn’t.

The Autodesk Inventor Seven Deadly Sins of 3D Part Modelling – Returns!

Seven deadly sins of Autodesk Inventor modelling

I am flattered to have been asked to collaborate with the Autodesk ASM team (Autodesk Shape manager Kernel) on a revival of Jake Fowler’s very popular class ‘Get Smart with Autodesk® Inventor® Modeling‘.

We have submitted this class twice this year, once as a presentation and one again as a Lab. We’ll let the AU team decide which is the best format!

Thanks very much to Susanna Holt and Inderjeet Wilkhu of the Autodesk ASM team for inviting me to get invloved.

AutoCAD Tool Palettes Master Class (Planning and Preparation, Not Perspiration)

This was a great fun session to present – not least because it was picked for Live Streaming, which meant that I got a little stage to stand on and one of those fancy ‘Madonna’ mikes).

This class got a really good reception last year and it would be great to present it again, and maybe get some feedback from last year’s groups who’ve had a go at applying what they’ve learn since last year.



You can find out more about the class here:


Complex Topology and Class-A Surface Modelling with Autodesk Inventor

Inventor surface modelling Introduction screenshot

Once again, a really fun session to present and one that I feel I could really improve on for this years AU.

You can find out more about last years’s class here:

6 Responses to “Cadsetterout class submissions for Autodesk University 2016

  • Thanks for the follow up. I don’t exactly do the best job of following up with Inventor concepts since it has so many applications. I just take MOOCs online as I’m not a registered student with a institution.

  • I finally worked up the nerve to submit a class to AU this year, and am working on one more before the deadline. Hopefully they approve my classes, one using Factory Design Suite as a Product Configurator and another reusing design data out of Navisworks models. It would be wonderful to meet you in person as I really enjoy and find your blogs to be informative! Hope all is well and have a most blessed day!

    • Fantastic Pete!

      I wish you all the best. Let us know how you got on, once the results are in!


  • Hi, Paul
    I hope to meet you in Vegas.
    And maybe i will visit a class.

    • Hi Jos,

      Looking forward to it. Let’s cross our fingers that we both get a class accepted ;)