Inventor to Revit interoperability and file sharing: Are you a Revit user? this is your Call to Action!

If you use Autodesk Revit – I need your help! Autodesk have given us some great tools to share 2D and 3D models between Inventor and Revit. I would love to try them out – but I don’t have Revit!

If you would like to collaborate on some on some Inventor to Revit file translation fun, please feel free to download any of the files in the post below and try them out in Revit. You can contact me to tell me how you got on. You can E-Mail me via my Contact page, Tweet me @CadSetterOut or simply leave a comment to join in.

The Noguchi Table

To start the ball rolling, I have modelled this table by Isamu Noguchi in Autodesk Inventor. I have saved it out in a number of Revit friendly formats for you to try. Let me know how you get on bringing these files into Revit. How about sending in a screen shot!

The Noguchi Table.IPT

This file was created in Autodesk Inventor 2011. It is a Multi Body single .IPT (Inventor Part) file.

[Download not found]

Noguchi Table

The Noguchi Table SAT

SAT is an open source ‘Neutral’ file format based on the Standard ACIS 3D modelling kernel. I have saved this in SAT 7.0. format. Inventor makes it possible to import a SAT file as a single IPT or as an IAM (Inventor Assembly Model file).

Does Revit have these options?

[Download not found]

Noguchi Table

The Noguchi Table DWG

I have used the Inventor AEC exchange suite to save this as an AutoCAD 2010 DWG file. Note that the colours of the materials have been brought through from Inventor. Will Revit pick up these colours as well?

[Download not found]

Noguchi Table

The Noguchi Table ADSK

I have also used the AEC exchange suit to export this ADSK file. Interestingly the ADSK file contains a HTML report showing you what has been exported. You can see that I was able to attach some additional information here, such as the type of component.

Unfortunately I have nothing that will open the 3D information contained in the file, so no screen shot of this model. Here’s a picture of the report instead. Riveting stuff.

[Download not found]

Noguchi Table

The Noguchi Table RFT

This new tool from Autodesk Labs didn’t make the grade this time around. The BIM family toolkit plug-in only exports parameters and tables from an Inventor model – not 2D or 3D geometry. The Noguchi table IPT is not an iPart or iAssembly, so there would be no data to export.

If anyone wants to experiment further with this Labs tool, please let me know.

BIM family toolkit

That’s all folks

That’s it! Four different file formats for you to download, play with and have fun with!

Please don’t forget to pop back and drop me a comment to tell me how you got on!


3 Responses to “Inventor to Revit interoperability and file sharing: Are you a Revit user? this is your Call to Action!

  • Flyintomato7
    13 years ago

    so i am trying to put a several parts from autodesk inventor 2012 back into autodesk 2011. They originally made in inventor 2012. can i put those .ipt’s files into 2011 and work on them and make .dwg files?

    • Hi Flying Tomato,

      The short answer is no. This is about my only big problem with Inventor – there is no backwards compatibility.

      The usual recommendation is to save the IPT file as a neutral format file, such as step, which can be imported for the purpose of creating drawings.

      I hope that this helps.


  • Thanks very much to Darren on the Autodesk Discussion groups for trying out the ADSK file.

    Re: Inventor to Revit interoperability and file sharing