Moving on up – Moving on out

After four years of hard graft, I’ve finally decided to part ways with my current employer to try out something new.

Although I’ve enjoyed my time providing manufacturing drawings for museum interior fit out projects at Beck Interiors, I’ve been looking for an opportunity to improve the quality of life for my family for some time. I’ve finally found a position which ticks all the boxes.

From next Monday I will be the CAD/CAM Manager for Halstock joinery in the beautiful county of Dorset. Halstock have an excellent record in lean manufacturing and I have been hired to apply the same high quality and high productivity standards in the drawing office, that they have already successfully implemented on the shop floor.

I am looking forward to the challenge of rising to Halstock’s high standards, as well as working from an office where I can see cows out of the window (Makes a change from batting around the M25 everyday!).

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish my best to all my (ex) colleges from Beck Interiors :)


Halstock from Edge Design on Vimeo.

6 Responses to “Moving on up – Moving on out

  • Fiona Murray
    12 years ago

    Having started at Halstock at a similar time to Paul, I can say his influence and knowledge on improving process and how this ties in with my line of work – information management – is fantastic. Cheers for the input so far!

  • John Jervis
    12 years ago

    Hi Paul,
    I hope everything is working out for you at Halstock. If you need any help from us please let me know. In the meantime thanks for all your work at Beck Interiors.
    Best regards,

  • Brian M. Curran
    12 years ago

    Congrats Paul!!!