Top Ten Autodesk Blogs

My top ten Autodesk Blogs, in order of personal preference:

Lynn Allen - in the CAD Setter Out's top ten Autodesk Blogs

1. Lynn Allen’s Blog

Autodesk’s AutoCAD Evangelist. It is also worth checking out Lynn’s ‘Circles & Line’s’ column and ‘Tips & Tricks Tuesdays’ on the ‘CADalyst’ magazine site.

2. Between the Lines

Shaan Hurley – AutoDesk Evangelist. The prototypical Autodesk Blogger. Shaan was an early adopter of Blogging and one of my inspirations to start Blogging myself.

Shaan Hurley - in the CAD Setter Out's top ten Autodesk Blogs


Rob Cohee – Technical Evangelist, Manufacturing solutions. The smartest Guy on the Block. Funny, clever and great with video media. He makes me sick with jealousy! Have a look at Rob Cohee Unscripted on You Tube.

Heidi Hewett - in the CAD Setter Out's top ten Autodesk Blogs

4. The Autocad Insider

Heidi Hewett’s Autocad Blog. Excellent articles on the Sheet set manager and parametric design with Autocad.

5. In The Machine

Garin Gardiner – Inventor Evangelist, Garin is the project manager for Inventor and the produces the Official Inventor Podcast.

Kate Morrical - in the CAD Setter Out's top ten Autodesk Blogs

6. LT Unlimited

Kate Morrical’s Autocad LT Blog – Because ‘full’ Autocad users shouldn’t have all the fun!

7. Mod The Machine

Brian Ekins Inventor Programming Blog – Because I like to think I can do a bit of programming.

8. Through the Interface

Through the Interface - in the CAD Setter Out's top ten Autodesk Blogs

Kean Walmsley’s ADN Blog. I don’t understand half of what Kean writes about – but it make’s me feel very clever just reading it.

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9. It’s Alive in the Lab

Scott Sheppard writes on behalf of the Autodesk Lab’s team. Keep an eye on this Blog to get the latest software Goodies for your Autodesk products.

10. Without a Net

Insights into AutoCAD and AutoCAD Support issues – because Knowing what might go wrong helps you go along way toward making sure it doesn’t!

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