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AU Online is The official website for Autodesk University, Autodesk’s yearly user conference and premier training event.

Autodesk University is usually held over four days in December (leading up to the Thanks giving weekend).  The conference is usually held in Las Vegas, purely because it attracts so many people! 2008 was the peak, with nearly 10,000 people attending. This year (2009) even in the middle of recession, a figure of 6,000 people has been reported.


The conference is focused on training, with a choice from over 500 sessions on Autodesk’s 100 or so products. The event attracts experts in every aspect of computer aided design, from within Autodesk and from the world over.


Autodesk University is widely acknowledged as the best place to learn about Autodesk products. It’s also a great place to meet your fellow draughters from other companies, that you wouldn’t normally get to meet outside work. It’s also a good place to see Autodesk’s other product lines being demonstrated, and get a preview of where Autodesk are headed in the future.


If you have the time, money and inclination to travel all the way to Las Vegas then I really recommend it. If you can’t make it there is always ‘AU Online’. If you have attended AU, or you are a subscription customer, you can download material from the latest AU. If you are not then you can register for free to download material from previous AU’s.

The material you can download includes class handouts, power point presentations and data files. Some of the classes have been videoed and can be downloaded as pod casts. Many of the tutors can be contacted after the class and are happy to field extra questions.

AU Online

This is not simply Autodesk propaganda, Autodesk University has grown out of an event that was originally started by AUGI. The event has always attracted the pioneers of CAD in all industries. These are the people who really push the boundary’s of how we use CAD, in most cases far beyond what the programmers expected.

If you have any specific topics you want to learn about, AU Online is a great place to start!

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