Autodesk University, Are you attending?


Autodesk University is Autodesk’s user conference. ‘AU’ represents the best training and networking experience available worldwide.

You are attending? You lucky so and so’s! If you’ve never been to Autodesk University then I highly recommend it. You will not find a more exciting and vibrant place (if you’re a CAD geek) and it’s held in Vegas Baby, which is a life experience in itself.

Autodesk University Learn Connect Explore

What is the benefit of  ‘AU’?

Autodesk University is the premier place for learning about Autodesk products, Present and future. It’s also great for networking, everyone is there to learn about CAD, so you have something in common with everyone.

What’s that? You can think of better things to do with your hard earned and well deserved holiday than spend it with 10,000 Geeks?! Well AU will also come to you.

Autodesk University Virtual conference

AU Virtual

AU Virtual runs during the week of AU and allows you to attend a selection of the more popular classes in real time. Obviously the time difference hinders your choice, but if you sign up you can also watch the recorded sessions at you leisure.

AU Virtual is FREE to Autodesk subscription holders.

Autodesk University Extended

AU Extension

AU Extension also runs during the week of AU and is a series of event’s hosted by your local VAR’ (Value added resellers) based on the streamed content from AU Virtual.

Not only can you watch the streamed broadcasts from Vegas with your colleagues in the comfort of your resellers piano lounge, you have local Trainers on hand to expand upon the material in the Broadcast and answer your questions.

Previously AU Extension has been  FREE (Showgirls and tequila not included).

Autodesk University On-line Class schedule

AU Online

AU Online is available the whole year round.  It is FREE (although you have to register). If you haven’t attended AU in the past you may not have access to some of the most up to date training sessions, but there will still be a lot of relevant content.


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