How to Turn Google Chrome into a Wicked cool DWF Viewer.

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Would you like to offer Autodesk DWF or DWFx* drawing files via a web page? Find out how in this post.

DWF is Autodesk’s proprietary ‘Electronic Paper’ format. DWF is like a PDF. Most would say that DWF is better than PDF, but unfortunately it just hasn’t taken off like PDF has. This a great shame, because Autodesk’s DWF software is all FREE (Our favourite Price!).

I recently came across this post on Volker Joseph’s ‘Beyond the paper’ Blog showing how to ‘Open DWF/DWFx Files in Google Chrome

I followed the instructions, and TA DA – DWF in my Chrome Browser!

A 2D DWF opened in Google Chrome

A 3D DWF opened in Google Chrome

 Notice the tools are all there too, Sweet!

Click here to download Design Review.

Click here to Download Google Chrome.

* DWFx Is Microsoft electronic paper specification (XPS) compatible .


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