Everything you never knew you needed to know about Recessed Screw Drives

Combination drives (Combo-head, Combi-head)

You will find these on Kitchen fittings and knock-down fasteners. The combination reccessed drive heads mean that you can use what ever driver you have handy…

Double slot

Double slotted Screw Drive Not strictly speaking a combination drive, this head has two slots so you can pick the most convenient one to stick your driver in. Usually seen on roofing bolts.


Combination Phillips-Robertson, Quadrex, Recex

Phillips-Robertson Screw Drive Combines the Best Features of Cross recess and square socket drives. The Quadrex recess increases productivity by incorporating the torque transmission and cling fit of the Square Socket drive with the desirable field repair and retrofitting features of the Phillips drive.

Here is a good visual of the Quadrex drive

Robertson also have a version, know as the Recex drive system.

Square-Drive, PoziSquare-Driv

PoziSquare-Driv Screw DriveSquare-Driv Screw DrivePhillips have their own brand Square-Driv and PoziSquare-Driv combination drive systems.


Combination Phillips-Slot, Cross-Slot

Phillips-Slot Screw DriveApparently popular in the electrical field. Also used on concealed (European Style) Cabinet hinges.


Combination Slot-Robertson, Slot-Square

Slot-Square Screw DriveRobertson-Slot Screw DriveI have no further comment…

They is what they is…


Combination Hex-slot

Hex-Slot Screw Drive



Combination Torx-Slot

Torx-Slot Screw Drive



Combination Hex-Slotted

Hex-SlottedScrew Drive



Combination Hex-Phillips

Hex-Phillips Screw Drive



Qua-Drive, Combination hex, slotted, Phillips, square

Qua-Drive Screw Drive The Qua-Drive is from Avanti screws


Tri-Drive, Slotted, Philips, Square

Tri-Drive Screw DriveThe Tri-Drive is another product from Avanti

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