Review: Swift Prints 2.0 For Autodesk Inventor


Did you every find yourself plotting drawings from Autodesk Inventor and Groaning with dissatisfaction?

The Inventor Plot dialog is OK, but if you’ve come from using AutoCAD you might be used to having a bit more control – and Page Setups!

Never fear, Thomas Rambach of may just make your day!


Swift Prints collapsed Dialouge

Swift Prints 2.0

Swift Prints is a FREE Beta release Autodesk Inventor Plugin that replaces the standard Inventor Plot Dialogue. Swift Prints allows you to save numerous plot configurations to speed up the process of creating a plot.

You can download Swift Prints Here

Add-ins - Swift PrintsOnce downloaded and Installed, you will find Swift Prints on the ‘Add-Ins’ Tab under ‘Swift Prints’.

Tip: Right click on the Swift Prints Icon and chose ‘Add to Quick Access Bar’ to replace Inventor’s standard Plot dialogue in the QAT.



Adding Printer Configurations

To add a printer configuration, click on the chevron button and follow the inputs.

Swift Prints 2.0 Expanded Dialouge

The ‘Use Plot stamp iProperty’ can be use to write out the plot date to your title Block or border. Find out how to use the Plot Stamp Property.

There is also a really neat feature to Import and Export your saved configurations so that you can share them with your colleagues.

Help and bug tracking

Note that this Add-in is FREE, but it is in Beta. If you need help with Swift Prints 2.0, or you want to report a bug Please contact Thomas at the CAD toolbox Blog:

Thanks for sharing your hard work Thomas! I wish you all the best with Swift Prints!

Update: Beta version (b1) is now available. Thomas has also written an introductory tutorial (Link to PDF).

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