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AutoCAD questions answered; Lineweights and plot styles

I received a great question this week from Steven:

I have a question for you for an efficient method to use regarding line weights and scale. Do you think I should have a CTB  for every scale I print it? It would be wonderful if there were a method using only one CTB. Am I dreaming?

An AutoCAD 2007 Solid Hatch - without Errors

How to fix your AutoCAD 2007 to PDF solid hatch problems

Thanks very much to Brian M Curran for this Guest post. If you have a burning desire to see your...

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How to set AutoCAD up to show a permanent plot preview

Find out how to set AutoCAD up so that you can Work in AutoCAD's Paper space, with your plot settings applied - for a much more intuitive view of how your drawing will look when plotted.

Between the lines. How to create a PDF from AutoCAD with a single click (and a bit of typing).

A guest post by the CAD Setter Out, on Shaan Hurley's 'Between the Lines' Blog. It's all about Exporting PDF's from AutoCAD.

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