Adam O'Hearn is the CAD Junkie

CAD Junkie | Choosing a 3D CAD Package

Adam O'Hern's Video on the different types of CAD modelling - Sub Division modelling, Nurbs modelling and Solid modelling.

The BSI UK Construction industry Brochure

British Standards : The Construction Industry

You can find out more about the British, European and International standards and the Building Regulations that are relevant to the construction industry here (Including Euro codes).

Imaginit Autodesk Inventor File translators

IMAGINiT Manufacturing Solutions Blog | Inventor File Translators – 2009-2015

Did you ever wonder if Inventor 2009 can natively open STEP files? Did you ever consider whether Inventor 2011 can import SAT files? of course you did! Find out more from Mark Flayler of the IMAGINiT Manufacturing Solutions Blog...

The Autodesk Tips Master List

The Autodesk AutoCAD Master Tips List.

Where do all those great AutoCAD tips you've read about end up? They end up on the Autodesk AutoCAD master tips list of course!

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