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Five great resources for Setter outs.

The internet is a great source of up to date information for Setter outs, and it is available as you need it. Here are a few of the sites I visit regularly.

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The CAD Setter Out’s top 5 CAD forums.

Are you looking for peer to peer support & help with your CAD problems? Check out my top five CAD Forums for Autocad and Autodesk Inventor.

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Top ten CAD Blogs

If you are a newbie looking for CAD Tutorials, a grizzled old Vet looking for one more productivity tip, or a journalist looking for the latest CAD industry news - you could do worse than checking out this list of my top ten CAD Blogs!

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Top Ten Autodesk Blogs

The CAD Setter Out's top ten Autodesk Blogs, in order of personal preference.

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