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Which Direction is Autodesk Headed? A tech info rant

When Milt (a.k.a: Drafter1981) posted this I was intrigued and couldn't help but respond.

Just a question sort of….”Which direction is Autodesk headed?” What I really mean is “What is the best way to work or use Autodesk products?” I’m sure this discussion has come up before and maybe I just missed it. The big thing lately has been to use BIM related products…I think. Maybe I'm wrong, I don’t know and that is why I'm asking. I know with AutoCAD things have changed quite a bit and again, “What is the best way to use AutoCAD”?

Again, with BIM becoming more and more a significant way to work, is it even worth the time and effort to upgrade our skills? Once I get a Revit file converted to AutoCAD for a customer to use, do we really have to do anything with the file? That is why I’ve ask this simple and yet complex question of which direction is Autodesk headed?

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Your questions answered, Dimensioning in model or paper space?

This weeks great question comes from David, who asks weather he should place his Dimension Annotations in AutoCAD's model space or paper space?

It's not a straightforward answer!

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Your questions answered – Must have CAD books for Drafters

This week's great question came from Steven.

'Hi are you able to advice me on a course book that would give me all the correct information to produce a high standard joinery drawing that would then be sent off for approval'
Do you want the quick answer? I'm afraid that the quick answer is 'No' - But I do have some recommendations for books that every CAD drafter should have in their library...
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AutoCAD questions answered; Lineweights and plot styles

I received a great question this week from Steven:

I have a question for you for an efficient method to use regarding line weights and scale. Do you think I should have a CTB  for every scale I print it? It would be wonderful if there were a method using only one CTB. Am I dreaming?