Feature Migrator for Inventor – Autodesk labs Plugin of the month

Have you been keeping an eye on the Autodesk Labs Plugin of the month?

Autodesk Labs have been issuing a new Autodesk product Plug-in every month; This time it’s Inventors Turn.

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What is the Autodesk Inventor Feature Migrator?

This latest plug-in is called the Feature Migrator. Using this plug-in you can ‘Send’ Assembly features down into the Part environment.

The FeatureMigrator can reliably migrate an assembly feature to the part level. This can save a lot of time and effort for the user when compared with the manual approach, i.e. creating the equivalent features in the affected parts.

When you run the FeatureMigrator command a new control should be displayed in Inventor’s browser window, allowing you to migrate assembly features to parts via the context menu displayed when you select and right-click one or more assembly features.

Currently only certain types of assembly feature can be migrated by this tool:

  • Extrude Feature
  • Hole Feature
  • Circular Pattern Feature (only patterning Extrude and Hole)
  • Rectangular Pattern Feature (only patterning Extrude and Hole)

The migration can also be launched directly from Inventor’s Model Browser. A right-click menu will only be displayed for features of the types listed above.

You can Download the Autodesk Inventor FeatureMigrator from the Autodesk labs Site.

Find out how the plug-in works at Mod The Machine Blog:

The plugin was written by Philippe Leefsma of the Autodesk Developer Network (the ADN). You can read more on Brian Eakins ‘Mod the Machine‘ Blog.

Mod the Machine - Brian Ekins Autodesk Inventor API Blog

Mod the Machine Feature Migrator Plugin of the month


  1. Andrew Carlile says

    this worked really well for me. for some reason it popped up with another part and then it disappears (I’m guessing the one I am editing) but other than that it’s great! (if you meant for that to happen then no complaints)

    running on dell core i7 nvidia win7 inventor 2012

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