The blue abstract 3d tunnel from a grid

An introduction to the Inventor Mesh Enabler from Autodesk Labs

The Inventor Mesh Enabler is a free (But time limited) technology preview that enables Inventor users to work with imported Mesh data.

As shipped Inventor 2012 can import mesh data from Catia, STL and JT files. The Mesh Enabler for 2013/2012 adds the ability to post process the imported mesh data to convert the mesh features to Inventor Base features.

Find out how it's done in this quick tutorial.

Autodesk Project Quickshare

Testing Autodesk Lab’s latest ‘CAD in the Cloud’ solution – Project Quickshare

First came, Project Freewheel, then Autodesk Freewheel, and then Project Nitrous. Autodesk have always been at the cutting edge of sharing drawings over the web. Autodesk's latest 'CAD in the Cloud' solution 'Project Quickshare', takes the HTML 5 DWF Viewer from Project Nitrous and allows you to upload your DWF's without downloading any software having to have an account.

An Autodesk Inventor Model of an Andre Roubo Wooden Twin Screw Vice

Testing the Autodesk Labs Thread Modeller for Inventor Plugin

Check out this Autodesk labs 'Plugin of the Month' - a handy tool for turning Autodesk Inventor Thread Features into realistically modelled 3D threads.

Autodesk Labs - ADN Plugin of the month

Review: ADN Plugin of the Month, Draw Order By Layer for AutoCAD

A review of the ADN Plugin of the Month, DrawOrder By Layer for AutoCAD

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