Testing Autodesk Lab’s latest ‘CAD in the Cloud’ solution – Project Quickshare


Autodesk Labs released their latest ‘CAD in the cloud’ experiment today, with a new on-line viewer for DWF files.

First came  Project Freewheel, then Autodesk Freewheel, and then Project Nitrous. Autodesk have always been at the cutting edge of sharing drawings over the web.

Project Quickshare takes the HTML 5 DWF Viewer from Project Nitrous and allows you to upload your DWF’s without downloading any software having to have an account.

[Edit 23.08.2012] Project Quickshare has no Project Freewheel and has been rolled into Autodesk360

How do I upload files?

The emphasis here is quick. Just navigate to the Project Freewheel and hit ‘Upload‘. Your DWF will be uploaded to the Project Quickshare site in double quick time. You can either view your DWF file directly on the Qucikshare site, or copy the embed code to share it via your own site.

Note:  The share links are stored as cookies in your browser, so you may not see your uploaded files if you navigate to Quickshare from another computer.

Autodesk have given no guarantees  on how long your content will be available for after you have uploaded it. Your DWF’s could be deleted at any time. If you are looking for something more permanent, look into Project Nitrous.

Autodesk Project Quickshare

 Embedded Quickshare DWF Experiment

Quickshare uses the latest in Internet technology, so you will need one of the following Browsers to view DWF’s on the Quickshare site, or in the Embedded file below:

  • Firefox 4.0 and Higher
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 9 and Higher
  • Safari 5 and Higher

[Edit 23.08.2012] The embedded project Quickshare file has been removed. Project Freewheel to find out why.

The Project Quickshare Viewer is responsive and easy to use.

Project Quickshare - Shaver DWF Page one

The quality of the 3D DWF files is far higher than the old Freewheel DWF viewer and it is a pleasure to navigate.

Project Quickshare - Shaver DWF Exploded View

There is access to some of the DWF’s properties, such as layers and saved views, but no ability to add mark-ups yet.

Project Quickshare - Shaver DWF Properties panel

What’s next?

Autodesk will soon be releasing the API for Project Quickshare, so keep your eyes peeled for the iPhone App!

If you want to find out more about Project Quickshare, or you would like to offer some feed back to the Labs team you can get in touch via the Project Quickshare Forum.


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