Where are my AutoCAD support paths?

AutoCAD references all kinds of files to help you create your drawings. For example – your .LIN files for Line types, .PAT files For Hatches, .PGP file for Custom shortcuts and the .CUI file for your user Interface settings.

If you want to back up, repair or customise any of these files, you need to know where to find them right?

How to find AutoCAD’s support paths.

Open the Options pallet:
Menu:  >  Tools >  Options

At the Command prompt, enter ‘options‘.

Short cut menu: Right-click in the command window, or (with no commands active and no objects selected) right-click in the drawing area, and choose ‘Options’.


Choose the ‘Files’ Tab and click on the ‘Support File Search path’ Node to expand it.

Click once on the first path you see to select it, click again to edit it – But don’t edit it! Just right click and choose copy.

Copying AutoCAD's default support path

You can now open any Windows folder and paste this address into the address bar:

Pasting AutoCAD's default search paths

Now you’ve found all the good stuff, why not create a short cut!

If you want to customize AutoCAD in any way, you will want to browse to your support files first and create back ups of the relevant files. If you have already customised AutoCAD, you may want to back up these files before that pesky IT guy comes around and re-installs your software…

Will you back up your customizations file from now on?

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3 Responses to “Where are my AutoCAD support paths?

  • arlanda
    12 years ago

    BTW found this link:


  • arlanda
    12 years ago

    What to do this ?
    1) attached removable device (drive letter will always stay the same)
    2) specify support path to both removable device (Master version) and to backup copy on local drive
    3) this method works fine in ACAD as long it can find the removable device otherwise use backup copy

    In case I forget to plug in the removable device prior to opening ACAD, it will be unable to load master so use backup copy instead. After this happens, ACAD drops the master support path from list and I have to respecify the path again. This is annoying so looking for solution to this.. perhap force load via via ACAD.LSP or ACADDOC2013.LSP?