AU 2012 exterior route to convention centre

So you made it to Autodesk University, what now?

Congratulations - You made it! I'm sure that your going to have a great time an learn heaps. But if you haven't been to Autodesk University before, where should you start?

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AU 2012 – here I come…

Some time in the past (I don't quite remember how) I heard about an event run by AUGI, called  'CAD Camp'.

This was a big turning point for me. What an eye opener. I learned in one afternoon from great tutors such as Matt Murphy and Robert Green than I had in months of trying to teach myself.

But this story doesn't end there. At CAD Camp we were given a discount voucher for an event called 'Autodesk University'. 'What the hell' - I thought 'Why not' (I was unmarried and had no kids at the time).

I attended AU in 2006, 2007  and 2008 and boy, was it worth every penny. I can't describe to you how much fun it was to hang out with thousands of other CAD geeks, learning from the best of the best and getting all the inside information on the latest technologies from Autodesk.

The training I received at AU has been fundamental to my work and career. I literally wouldn't be where I am today without it. So it won't surprise you to know that I've been scheming a way of getting back to AU ever since.

Well this year, I finally made it...

Balancing the four values for productive CAD

Zen and the Art of Technical Drawing

Drafting is a high stress job. We have many 'customers' and we can never please everyone. We know that if there are any problems, people will always blame the drawings. Working as a Drafter can make you defensive, crotchety and jaded. Can you still say what it is you enjoy about drafting? You can? Hang on to that thought - it's important.

No one can work productively and with their full concentration indefinitely. Like all things in life there is a balance.

In his bo The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R. Covey discusses four personal values that must be kept in balance to maintain your effectiveness. In this post I try to relate their balance to the role of the Drafter within the CAD Office.

The CAD Setter Out - Technical Drawing standards

What makes a great Technical Drawing?

What makes a good technical drawing a great technical drawing? What criteria do YOU judge your drawings by?

I polled the CAD community on this question - and I had some great responses. You can find out the results in this post.

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