BIM Show Live 2012

I must have done something right at last years BIM show live! because I’ve been asked to speak again.

It’s come around again so quickly :)

 BIM Show Live 2012


This year I will be talking about using Autodesk Inventor for Architectural fabrication drawings. I hope to include a bit more about how you actually use Autodesk Inventor. I will be tailoring the talk towards Architects and Designers who’ve got Inventor as part of the Building design suit and have been wondering what to do with it!

Beck Interiors FSH treatment room cabinets

An introduction to Digital Prototyping for Architectural Fabrication

  • Perhaps you are an Architect who has made the leap into BIM, but who is still detailing in 2D?
  • Perhaps you got Autodesk Inventor with the Building Design suite, and now you don’t know what you’re going to do with it?
  • Perhaps you are an Architectural Fabricator who is following the traditional 2D approach, and you are considering the move to 3D?

This class is for all of you!

In this class we will discover the philosophy behind digital prototyping and consider how digital prototyping can be applied in Architecture and Building construction. In this in-depth introduction to Autodesk Inventor we will discover how to make use of Inventor for Design development, or for fabrication drawings.   Focusing on Autodesk Inventor, we will cover the following topics:

  • What is a parametric feature based solid modeller?
  • How can working in 3D be beneficial for Architectural detailing?
  • Modelling techniques, top-down Bottom-up and in-place.
  • How to structure your parametric models for the most flexibility.
  • Designer accelerators.
  • Tips for down streaming information to manufacture.
  • Interoperability and file sharing in 2D & 3D.

The aim is for you to leave the session brimming with enthusiasm and with fingers twitching to start modelling!

Beck Interiors Four Seasons Hotel casework in Varsari


…I hope I can live up to my own hype…

For those of you who missed my presentation from BIM show 2011, here is a PDF version:

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7 Responses to “BIM Show Live 2012

  • Mike Shally
    12 years ago

    Hi Paul.
    One limitation of Inventor, drawings are linked to Autocad mechanical, but only in paper space, not a great deal of use. Alternative is to produce one huge drawing, save copy as and bring into Autocad, then it is in model space which can be useful, however link is broken. Have Inventor addressed this with 2013 ?
    Also when are you talking ?

    • Hi Mike,

      I am on Stage: 2 – Design and Prototype on the 9 May at 13.15.

      Come and say hi if you are attending :)

      I wouldn’t necessarily call this a limitation – they are after all completely different programs. I consider it an advantage that it can go this far!

      Did you know that you can insert one Inventor View into Model space while inside Inventor?

      Where you also aware that the Inventor views are saved in the DWG file as blocks? You can use the ‘INSERT’ command in AutoCAD to insert individual Inventor views into model space. These blocks remain linked to the Inventor views. I wrote a guest post for CAD clue on this topic – you can read it here:

      I don’t think that there is any improvement to these choices in Inventor 2013 – but I know that the Factory Design suite has some very cool 2D – 3D AutoCAD to Inventor integration.


      • Scott
        12 years ago

        and the AutoCAD Insert Layout tool from the file menu you told me about. That works a treat to get Inventor paper space into model space.

  • Congratulations, Paul! You’re going to do fine!

  • Congrats Paul, you must have made a good impression. Way to go.

    • Thanks Jamie… I am at the ‘Oh my go – what have I done’ stage… I’m sure it will all be fine :D