The CAD Setter Out: End of the year round up 2010

I’ve really enjoyed writing for the CAD Setter out Blog this year.

Last September I moved from Wordpress.Com to my own self hosted site. After starting with a ‘Modest’ 25 page views a day the average is now up over 200 views per day – so thanks very much for visiting (Tell your friends, remember to tip the waitress and do try the Veal).

I have just completed designing a completely new Theme for my blog* – I hope that you like it!

Here are a few ‘Fascinating’ end of the year stats’…

Post Count:

Probably 205 by the time I post This…

Most Popular posts this year:

  1. Technical Drawing standards: Line weights. 299 Views
  2. Autocad: Line Type Scales 269 Views
  3. Technical Drawing Standards: A Brief History (BS 308 and all that) 250 Views
  4. Autocad: Blocks – Dynamic screw Block 143 Views
  5. Autocad: Plotting – More Options 123 Views

Most Popular Downloads:

  1. Dynamic Screw Block 122 Downloads
  2. Classical Mouldings Chart 22 Downloads
  3. Autocad – Recessed Screw Drives 16 Downloads
  4. Wood screw head types 14 Downloads
  5. Stopped Chamfer 11 Downloads

Also this year I started up my very own YouTube Channel ‘The CAD Setter Out’

Most Popular Video:


So what’s coming up next year?

When I started this Blog, I wrote down 20 Ideas for Autocad Posts and 20 for Inventor – and I still haven’t completed the list! (something more compelling seems to keep getting in the way).

You can Expect more Autocad Blocks, more Inventor iFeatures and more Videos. I hope to continue providing encouragement to make use of the British and ISO standards for Technical Drawing and I’ve quite enjoyed writing up the news, so I’ll keep doing that (As long as I get to work early enough!).

How about you? What have you enjoyed reading at the CAD Setter Out? What would you like to see more of? Would you like a go a writing a tip or tutorial? Leave a comment below..

In the meantime – enjoy the Christmas Holiday and have a Merry New Year!

*Well, maybe I’ll do a little more tinkering…


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