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Five great resources for Setter outs.

The internet is a great source of up to date information for Setter outs, and it is available as you need it. Here are a few of the sites I visit regularly.

Setting Out Classical Mouldings

Check out this handy Guide showing the Setting Out points and proportions of Classical Mouldings. Includes PDF download.

The CAD Setter out Logo

Why Setter Outs aren’t (and don’t want to be) Designers.

Did you every wonder what the difference is between a 'Setter Out' and a Designer? They both think of innovative solutions to problems, create drawings and take responsibility for the end product . So where does 'Design' end and 'Setting out' begin?

The tracing floor in the York Minster Masons loft

The Medieval Roots of ‘Setting Out’.

The role of a 'Setter Out' - A specialist Joinery draftsman, shares it's roots with the Castle and Cathedral Builders of Medieval Europe.

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